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Sir Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump and The Power of Celebrity

An adoring public easily dismissed sexual assault allegations against beloved British TV host Sir Jimmy Savile. So did police. Everyone f...

giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

PORNLAND Devastating effects of a porn culture

During Gail Dines’s interview with a prison inmate who was indicted for raping his step-daughter, she was told that it was the increasingly sexualized porn culture of this generation that sets young boys and girls up for unhealthy views of sexual norms. 

lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

Sir Jimmy Savile, Donald Trump and The Power of Celebrity

An adoring public easily dismissed sexual assault allegations against beloved British TV host Sir Jimmy Savile. So did police. Everyone felt they knew him. But when Savile died in 2011, it all came out.

domenica 2 ottobre 2016

The war against child sex trafficking

1 in 4 children who run away will be propositioned by a sex trafficker within 48 hours of leaving home; every year 1.2 million children worldwide are trafficked for sex; human trafficking is the second fastest-growing criminal industry behind drug trafficking; every 2 minutes in the United States, a child is sold for sex; the average age of a child sold for sex is 13 years old.

Louis Theroux: Savile

Theroux, who interviewed Savile for his  acclaimed documentary When Louis Met Jimmy which went on to win a BAFTA in 2002, has released the unseen footage for his latest documentary Louis Theroux: Savile.

mercoledì 28 settembre 2016

martedì 27 settembre 2016

The rape survivor superhero

Created by Ram Devineni and Dan Goldman, Priya is a rape survivor turned comic ‘superhero’ who speaks out against sexual violence in her first comic Priya’s Shakti.

giovedì 15 settembre 2016

Porn Addicted Children 2

Online pornography should be restricted in the same way that access to top-shelf magazines and sex shops is to stop children viewing the content, the Culture Secretary has said. 


Il porno per vendetta (detto anche revenge porn, ossia la pubblicazione di materiale hard di ex-partner), il bullismo online, la violazione della privacy sono questioni di strettissima attualità sulle quali i vari social network non possono più fare la parte di quelli che se ne lavano le mani o intervengono (se lo fanno) quando il danno è già stato abbondantemente fatto. 

Porn-fuelled rise in sexual harassment

Maria Miller chairs the Women and Equalities Committee

A report found girls are regularly victims of sexual abuse and violence in Britain’s schools The studie says sexual harassment has become "a normal part of school life"

USA Gymnastics sexual abuse

Lawsuit alleges that Dr Larry Nassar ‘sexually groomed and proceeded to repeatedly sexually abuse, harass and molest’ her when gymnast was a minor


Indian families have revealed the devastating aftermath of rapes committed on their children. Five girls, whose names have been changed to protect their identity, have told their harrowing stories and the lasting effect it has had on their loved ones. 

Mother of Cairo rape victim seeks justice

The mother of a Thai woman raped in Egypt lodged a petition yesterday with the Crime Suppression Division (CSD), seeking justice for her daughter. 

Chinese Online Rape Culture

Insensitive social media response highlights victim-blaming culture in sexual assault cases involving minors.

Racconta lo stupro sul web. La rete: "Te la sei cercata"

Amber Amour è stata violentata da un suo conoscente. Sui social ha raccontato la sua storia per mettere un freno "alla cultura dello stupro", ma è stata attaccata senza pietà

Girl, 13, repeatedly raped, police officers did nothing

The girl, now 27, told police in Rotherham that she had been repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted by Sageer Hussain but says her reports were not properly investigated

Cops ‘Laughed’ at Rape of UNC Student by Football Player

Delaney Robinson is going public after she says the university, police, and prosecutors didn’t protect her.

lunedì 12 settembre 2016

Italian Rape Culture

«Se l’è cercata!». «Ci dispiace per la famiglia, ma non doveva mettersi in quella situazione». «Sapevamo che era una ragazza un po’ movimentata». Movimentata? «Una che non sa stare al posto suo». Arriva in piazza il parroco Benvenuto Malara, va davanti alle telecamere: «Purtroppo corre voce che questo non sia un caso isolato. C’è molta prostituzione in paese». 

Red Brigade teaches girls to 'beat' harassers

Lucknow: In an attempt to make young girls aware about the difference between harmless contact and sexual harassment, Red Brigade Trust organized a self-defence class and awareness campaign, in association with the Times Foundation & Bennett Touch, on Saturday.

domenica 11 settembre 2016

Le nuove schiave del sesso

Dietro al grosso business delle coltivazioni di marijuana si nascondono stupri, abusi sessuali e traffico di persone. È quanto emerge da una denuncia del Center for Investigative Reporting che è stata pubblicata da Reveal, la piattaforma multimediale dell'organizzazione, e rilanciata dal Marshall Project, il sito dell'ex direttore del New York Times Bill Keller sulle ingiustizie del sistema giudiziario americano. 

sabato 10 settembre 2016

Mexican women battle gender-based violence online

I was 11 and a guy riding a bicycle came by and squeezed my breast. A woman on the street blamed me for wearing that blouse.” This was just one of many thousands of similarly disturbing social media posts during Mexico's biggest ever feminist protests earlier this year. 

‘This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like’

On Tuesday morning, the University of Pennsylvania campus was covered in flyers emblazoned with the words “THIS IS WHAT RAPE CULTURE LOOKS LIKE” and “WE ARE WATCHING,” according to The Daily Pennsylvanian. 

martedì 6 settembre 2016

lunedì 5 settembre 2016

Football and Rape Culture

Over the last year, two serious threats students face on college campuses have made headlines. Young women are being raped at such an alarming rate -- one out of every five, according to a survey conducted by the Association of American Universities -- that the problem of sexual assault on campus is being described as epidemic. 

Linebacker Raped Woman Twice, Sent Videos to Her Ex

Earlier this week, USC linebacker Osa Masina was suspended amid two separate sexual assault investigations stemming from incidents in July—one in California and one in Utah. TMZ released new information after obtaining a warrant related to the investigation.

75,000 American women raped while Brock Turner was in jail

Brock Turner was released Friday, September 2, after only 12 weeks in jail. Although he was found guilty of three felony counts, he is being released early on good behavior.” During the time Turner was in jail, an estimated 75,000 American women have been raped, according to calculations based on US Department of Justice data. 

Rape Culture in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Somalia

A 20-year-old Muslim refugee from Myanmar admitted to raping a 10-year-old refugee who was staying in the same home, according to the Daily Mail.

“It Happens” Sexual Assault Awareness

On the same day that Brock Turner, the Stanford University student rapist sentenced to six months in jail for rape, has been released three months early, Ithaca College junior Yana Mazurkevich has released a photo series called “It Happens,” directed toward Turner, with images directly depicting sexual assault.

mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Sex Trafficking in New Delhi

NEW DELHI: The crime branch of Delhi Police has busted a human trafficking syndicate run by one Afaq Hussain and his wife Saira, being operated with the help of traffickers, managers, nayikas and other associates.


A new video game set for release on PlayStation’s virtual reality system is allowing people to sexually assault female characters.

Sex Trafficking in the Netherlands

There was a sharp drop in the number of reports of human trafficking in the Netherlands last year but there is still no reason to be optimistic, national reporter Corrine Dettmeijer said on Tuesday. 

martedì 30 agosto 2016

The Politics of Pornography

Elizabeth Smart discusses the role pornography played in her abduction and sexual assault as a 14-year-old, in a video posted by

Elizabeth Smart has become a public face for a new strategy to frame hard-core porn as a public-health issue, and it has also become a topic of discussion in the presidential election campaign.

3,400 untested rape kits in Alaska

ANCHORAGE – Gov. Bill Walker says the state’s number of untested rape kits is a problem, and he’s on a mission to figure out what to do about it.

‘The Neon Demon’: Objectification and Rape Culture

Nicolas Winding Refn made a surrealistic film about a 16 year old It-Girl model who gets slowly engulfed by the horrific monster that is the fashion industry via a bunch of envious flesh-eating model competitors. 

domenica 28 agosto 2016

Anti-Rape Protest 3

Students from the university's Women's Collective, survivors of campus sexual assault and their supporters. Photo: University of Sydney Women's Collective
Protesters have approached parents and prospective students at the University of Sydney Open Day, holding mattresses that read "welcome to the hunting grounds," in a demonstration highlighting sexual assault at the university. 

mercoledì 1 giugno 2016

Gang Rape Culture 3

“Across the world, violence against women and girls remains one of the most serious—and the most tolerated—human rights violations,” — UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. 

domenica 29 maggio 2016


It is crucial to understand pornography as a form of violence against women. Dr. Julia Long teaches Sociology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. She is a feminist activist and campaigner, and the author of “Anti-Porn: The Resurgence of Anti-Pornography Feminism.”

giovedì 26 maggio 2016

Sex workers suffer horrific levels of violence and abuse

London: Sex workers around the world face violence, rape, widespread discrimination and extortion, a global human rights watchdog said on Thursday, with male or transgender sex workers facing further stigma from the police, clients and the community.

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

martedì 17 maggio 2016


Disgusting!” “Revolting!” “This is full on porno!” Those are just a few of the outraged reactions to a photo that was shared on Calvin Klein’s official Instagram page on Tuesday, with the fashion company drawing the ire of countless critics.

lunedì 16 maggio 2016

Prostitution and Rape Culture

When Pala Molisa argued in an article on this website that prostitution was a form of male violence against women that’s fuelling our rape culture — and that the government was wrong to legalise it in 2003 — he was accused of being “whorephobic”. Sex work was empowering, said his critics, and sex workers weren’t selling their bodies, but a service, much like the dentist or physio. Here’s Pala’s response to that.  


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